Women and men start showing abs around 20% and 15% body fat, respectively. This varies, of course, depending on your body shape and muscle mass.

How long will it take me to get a six pack?

This calculator works reasonably well if you have at least 5% of body fat to lose before you get there, are average height, and have an average level of muscle mass. Use the more accurate version?


As a 5'11", 200 lbs male, your estimated lean body mass is 145lbs. This means you are currently at ~27% body fat.

In order to get a six pack, you will need to drop about 29 lbs of fat. The actual number will be less if you already have a decent amount of muscle on you, but we'll roll with this number for estimation purposes.

Keep in mind that your "target weight" is irrelevant. On our suggested program (as with any legit fitness program) you will gain muscle weight.

Given that a very obtainable fat-loss rate is around 1 lbs/week, this means that if you started today and kept up a mild pace, you'd start seeing abs around .

If you want to get a six pack by June 1st, 2017 (~ weeks from now), you'd want to target losing ~1.1lbs of fat per week.

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What is Six Pack By June?

In collaboration with your health care providers, we provide comprehensive, personalized, and attainable fitness + diet plans based on modern science. This includes access to a community of people around the world who share best practices and have the same goal; i.e. learning the science behind fat and muscle metabolism, establishing a solid game plan, and getting fit.

Who is Six Pack By June?

Six Pack By June was started by the team behind Prota Ventures, a venture-building and early-stage investment firm based out of Chicago, Seattle, and Jacksonville. Our Managing Director has a PhD in bioengineering and writes occasionally about the science behind low-carb, ketogenic dieting and fitness.

While for many people we don't recommend a full-on ketogenic approach (especially without the guidance of your physician), our customized health and fitness plans often involve lowering the ratio of carbs in your diet. One of our goals is to help you understand the underlying science behind why this approach is so effective for fat loss and muscle gain. With this information, you can smartly choose a diet and fitness plan that works for your lifestyle.